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Advice needed please

Hi, I have a young Amelanchier Lamarckii that I purchased just a few months ago. It was healthy looking at first, but then I noticed, what looks like mildew on some of the lower leaves. I have inspected it again today, and the "mildew" has spread up to the higher leaves.

Would love to get some advice, on what this might be, and if there is any treatment please. Thanks




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  • Don't know what this is but did you water it in well, and then keep watering?  I suggest you clear the leaves when they fall.  Hopefully next year the new leaves will be OK, they are fairly sturdy small trees.

  • thankyou for your reply holly, and in answer to your question, yes I did water it in well, also added "rootgrow" which was recommended to use when planting the tree. I have been trying to find out what it might be, and have stumbled on "powdery mildew" , it does sound like whats on my tree......and one of the causes can be from getting sprinkled with water a lot, which would make sense, as my husband was using a sprinkler everyday on new turf we had laid near to the tree.

    Do you think this is what it could be?

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295

    looks like mildew Rebecca. I don't think any treatment removes the white growth even if itkills it.the air is full of fungal spores and it's ahrd to avoid. 

    Those white marks you sometimes see on shiny leaves after watering aren't mildew, they're lime deposits out of the water

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  • thankyou nutcutlet for your reply. I searched google and came across a homemade remedy for mildew, with bicarbonate of soda in water and spray the leaves. I have tried it, and it does seem to have made the appearance of the leaves better.

    Can it cause harm to the actual tree, or is it just cosmetic do you know?

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