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Talkback: National Insect Week

Hi Richard, a few weeks ago I made a nettle feed and I left it far too long. It stank, as you can imagine, and this party of orange flies descended on it for some sort of mating fest. I have a perfectly nice pond for them but they were all grubbing around in the smelly nettle feed. It was quite off-putting. No hoverflies though, sadly.


  • I have pyracantha hedge (P. Red Column, P. Saphyr Yellow, P. Orange Glow I think)5feet high 2feet wide, and for the last 3 weeks it has been producing flowers, but this year it seems to have been attracting a lot more bees than in previous years. At least four different type of wild bees, plus honey bees have been attracted to the very unusual scented flowers.
  • I've actualy seen two Ladybirds mating. It was a great surprise, and one i will not forget!
  • I have all sorts of insects in my garden but a lack of ladybirds amazes me as other people in the village are inundated with them, my bugs seem to be the one's I don't want. my favourite are the bee's butterflies and ladybirds. worst enemies vine weevals and red lily beatle.
  • How do I become 1 of you guys. Have a great admiration for the little creatures EXCEPT the 'Flower Bug'. 1 bite from these fellows and I suffer a reaction requiring a rush to the Drs.Saddened by the decline of the bee species.My brother has Masonry Bees at his bungalow. Notice how they are so different to the ones at my own home. Fascinated me for ages.Think 'kaycurtis' meant 'beetle'. The fab four hate being called 'red lily' LOL
  • It would be very helpful for those of us who want to help the honey bees if we could get a list of garden plants that they like. Most of the plants and seeds marked 'good for butterflies and bees' mean bumble bees and the structure of the honey bees mouth parts mean that they cannot always use the same plants.
  • a new book is soon coming out on gardening for butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects by Jan Miller-Klein
  • does anyone know what the swarms of small flies close to the surface of the ponds are at the moment? They appear to be mating and/or laying. They have long legs similar to mosquitos and keep coming in and flying close to our laminate flooring, mistaking it for the surface of a pond!
  • i have just discovered a bees nest when i removed the plastic covering i was using to kill off weeds, @ my allotment. i raked back the dead grass weeds etc that covered the nest. i have surrounded the nest so no one can accidently stand on it, gave them back what i had removed. to my amazement they quickly covered theirselves again.
    fascinating creatures.
  • I have recently noticed these horrible little insects that resemble a ladybird on my lilies, I keep removing the eggs but they are back the next day, is there something I could do to deter these horrible little things that are destroying my much loved lilies.
  • We have been able to eat most of our meals outside under our pergola recently. There is a kiwi vine (Jenny, I believe) climbing over it and we were pleased to see how many bees have been attracted to the pretty apricot-yellow flowers.
    Kaycurtis, I too, in mid-Hampshire, have noticed a lack of ladybirds, unusual for us.
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