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Talkback: Gardeners' Question Time

My neighbour puts his grass cuttings between his potato plants to keep down weeds. Can someone tell me if this is a good idea as I am a bit cautious as I don't want to introduce any nasties to my veg patch even though my grass clippings are generally ok. Thanks


    Have just come back from holiday to find my Photina Red Robin is severely wilted (looked perfectly healthy before going away - although had dropped a lot of leaves). Any suggestions what it could be and if I can do anything to help it recover?
  • I have grown Sweede's on my allotment for several years without problem but this year plants have all run to seed will they still form or should I pull them up?
  • I have a palm tree that has died on the top , there is nothing left, however, down one side of the trunk there are a lot of little shoots coming out does this mean the tree is going to survive or is that wishful thinking thankyou
  • can you tell me why my callicarpa does not have berries. It is 2years old and has had very small flower but they die off and we get no berries.Hope you can help.Thankyou Barbara Wiseman
  • What can I plant in front of a north facing wall, under trees in dry solid clay soil in the shade?
  • Please can you tell me why my sweatpeas have only one flower on each stem this year I have fed them and have done no different from last year
    Thank you for any advice you may have.
  • I have a mature Fig tree in my greenhouse, and this year, all the fruits have dropped. This has never happened before. The tree looks healthy. Does anyone know what has happened?
  • My redcurrant leaves have been decimated. Found one or two caterpillars but no sign of an infestation. What has done it? Currants seem ok
  • we have a cameillia that has what looks like white powdery thin lines about 1cm long on the under side of the leaf.
    can you help there is no insects on or around the plant that i can see
    please help
  • I have a bougonville (i think thats how you spell it) it has grown to 10' tall but it wont flower, It has been planted for around 3 years. Any reason why?

    we live in the north east of england
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