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Talkback: Gardening by the moon

WOW!!!!!!!!! Yopu learn something new every day.


  • Superb reasoning, backed by incontrovertible evidence. How have I coped without this information?
  • Interesting way to garden. I am inspired. Please visit me for information on aeroponics which will be of great help.
  • I think the idea is that if possible, you sow on these dates, then you pick up on the next cycle of that particular type to plant out. You could try sowing half your plants by the moon cycle and half at any other time and see if it makes a difference.
  • Whoa that's a really great idea and exactly what I was thinking tonight as I walked to the store.. To bad I would have to go to someone else's yard to do it. I don't have a yard in my apartment. But Night time in Nevada is probably the best time to workout in the patch.. Great article.
  • Sounds a great way to garden, not sure about period 4 though, what's housework??
  • Housework is making raised beds, turning compost, cleaning pots, putting up wires, making supports. All those things we seem to put off.
  • Hi to you all,I`m so `Gob-smacked` by all this information, and excited to go in a different direction, a journey of learning and participating in moon gardening. My garden faces south-east and is wonderfully lucubrate for moon gardening.
  • Very interesting - not sure how I'm going to start but I'll give it some thought. I have a cottage garden, how would planting
    flowers fit in with moon gardening?
  • I believe that you have to make a distinction between annuals and perennials
    (this applies to 'fruit' as well - see above).
    If your flowers are annuals, the optimum time is in period 1 and 2, (between the new moon and the full moon).
    Anything that is a perennials should be planted in the third period (after the full moon, before the last quarter).
  • I buy a' gardening& planting by the Moon' diary each year...tells me when to sow/plant etc....saves having to work it out for myself.!Lots of interesting info as well.
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