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Best Tomatoes to grow

Ok I looking for the best flavour cherry tomatoes and larger Tomatoes for Italian salads ie cheese and basil. I don't really like beefeaters. I would like your views on this subject this will be grown in a green house and in the garden crop size would be good as I eat a lot of tomatoes in salad and also with pasta (Make my own) so I would really like your advice I would also like to grow chilli’s mild ones as the wife doesn’t do hot also some peppers but not green.


I plan to grow my tomatoes (in the greenhouse) in a bed and not in pots what would you dig in to the bed at the moment its clay but I did dig some farmyard muck into it some years ago and top soil and never grown anything in it but I would think it’s all been washed away by now  




  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 988

    I grow my toms in the gh in the soil. I always grow Gardeners Delight - heavy reliable crop of cherry toms with good flavour. I always grow them in the soil for several reasons - easier to get watering right, no problem with spliting, end rot etc and I think they taste better (Monty said the same last week on GW)

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384

    If you like them sweet with a very high and complex flavour the orange coloured cherriy Sungold is hard to beat.  Suncherry Premium are an excellent red cherry, similarly well flavoured.  For large, well flavoured tomatoes, Super Marmande are worth a try.  All of these are relatively easy to grow.


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