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Anybody had experience of water drippers for hanging baskets?

As I'm going on holiday shortly, I thought I would ease the load on my long suffering and helpful neighbour, by installing a drip system to the three hanging baskets at the front of the house. I ran the pipe from the back of the house, over the garage roof and along the guttering , putting 'T' pieces in to run down the first two baskets and an 'end dripper' on the last. Took a while as, I clipped it all neatly in place along the ridge of the garage to keep it neat and unobtrusive. The grand turn on - and the pressure blew some joints a few times, so i fitted the pressure restricter that comes with the kit. Problem solved. But, the first dripper is fine, as is the second, but the third, nothing. I disconnected at the 'down' side of the second 'T' piece, and the water continued to drip into the second basket, but all that came out of the supply to the third was a gurgling noise, so it cant be blocked. I'm a bit baffled


  • DaintinessDaintiness EssexPosts: 980

    Hi, with the pressure restricted there may not be enough pressure to get to the last dripper.I haven't got a pressure restrictor but I had to  put adjustable heads on my dripper points and was able to decrease the flow in the drippers closer to the tap and open the end ones fully in order to get water to reach all drippers. They are easily available  - you twist the red bit and you can turn the water off or restrict its flow...hope this makes sense image

  • ScubydooScubydoo Posts: 21

    That sounds  like a good idea. Thanks for that . The problem without the restrictor is that it blows the joints apart after a couple of minutes

  • Ok I've had dripper and sprayer for years and never had the problems you are talking about so here is what I've done.

    I bought a b & q system a long time ago (about 7 years ago) but sadly no longer available but there is plenty around ebay, homebase, the range ect.

    whatever you do don't buy cheap ( I bought a cheap one for the dribblers as the pipe was cheap and nasty) kingfisher was the make.

    To get the ideal pressure to the front from the back is to run 13/16mm pipe first to the last place in your watering run and then come off with the 4mm pipe fitting.  I also have a timer and a 16mm pressure valve right at the source (tap) as I run 16mm pip as my water supply I hope this helps you out






  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,379

    I run a lot of drippers off a single pressure reducer. I feed several hanging baskets 6 large pots and over a dozen drippers in the greenhouse. 

    Try turning off the first two drippers so that the only open one is your end dripper. That may be enough to force the flow through.

    Are all your drippers at the same height?

  • yes steepill but I would think your distance from tap to green house is only 10 meters I would off thought the problem here is excessive distance more like 20 meters 

    I tried a 23 meter run when I first started and I would say only 50% had good pressure the rest where poor to say the least so I extended my 16mm pipe to the full extra 23 meters and I had full pressure.

    If it was that simple the water board would run micro pipe in to your home and not the 25mm pipe the reaches your stop tap

     I'm only going by my own trial and successes

  • Well, I've had a little success. I bought some adustable drippers from LBS at Colne as Daintiness suggested, and restricted the flow to the first two. It took a bit of running up and down ladders to get them balanced, but they seem ok now. I've just got one little problem to sort out today. I have it on a timer, and when the valve opens, a straight connector blows apart. If I push it back on it stays on, but blows again on startup. It is over 25mtrs so I think there must be a sudden surge of initial pressure followed by a steadier stream. I'm going to try cutting the ends off and a new straight connector to see iff that sorts it out

  • Scubydoo twist some wire around your connectors or even jclips



  • The thing not to forget and what is also important to consider in all irrigation is the water flow. As the pressure reducer keeps it down to 1 bar then pressure is regulated. What you need is at least 8 litres a minute flow rate. And as mentioned if you’re going to push the distance above 20 meters then using 1/2" main pipe would help in some cases and sparing off. As you’re only using 3 drippers the exit points shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Adjustable drippers are a very good choice. It’s important to make sure that you deliver enough water to the plants without wasting any.

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