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Talkback: The joy of compost

Halo Kate,to get my hand back into working order I must go and turn out my compost bins and put any that is ready on the garden,then start to refill,I have bags of leaves from last winter to go in the bottom and maybe I can start pruning. Oldchippy.


  • Hi there. I am afraid I am a really lazy composter! I put things into my black dalek compost bins and leave them alone until they are ready and then I use them. It doesn't make compost quickly like Montys does, but it saves a lot of time ...and as a busy mother with four plots, I haven't got much time lol
  • I started a compost bin off in Nov 2013, mainly using fallen leaves, some shredded paper, dead flowers and kitchen waste, I have since added on daily basis banana skins, tea bags,orange peel, kitchen waste and fallen leaves. will this be okay?
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