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The Guyot System


I've planted a grape vine this year and understand that the system of pruning is called the guyot system. I've tried reading about it but find it very confusing. Please can someone explain it in simple terms.

Much appreciated



  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 988

    Hi Steve, I have just brought up an old thread regarding grape pruning which I found very helpful. It is called  - Grape Vine Pruning - hope this helps. I pinged it 15.30 - if you cant find it, just put the thread title into the search box at the top of the page image

  • Thanks image

  • I've given up trying to grow grape as the new dog eat's it (two of them at £20 each) also before that one just didn't make it through the winter.

    I'm growing Jasmine now much cheaper dog treat LOL


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