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Does anyone know how to kill this weed? My next door neighbour has it, but the problem is, it's coming up through my tarmac!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,260

    It will. Trample the stems then spray with glyphosate

  • BarneybBarneyb Posts: 24

    I took over a large garden plot for a lady who lost her husband some 4 years ago. The polt was completely overrun with marestail weed which is evil. The first year I double spit dug the whole plot and I took away 8 large wheelie bins full of it. The second year I did the same thing and had just over 5 wheelie bins. The third year I did the same thing and by this time there was considerably less of it but I still had 2 wheelie bins full. This year it is part of my normal weeding process and i have it under control.

    What you mustn't do is to dig it over and leave any of it in the ground (the root goes very deep) and certainally don't ever rotovate it as that will increase it substantially. I do not like using chemicals but I think fidgetbones is right about the weede on your tarmac. Monty Don will tell you that it makes good compost but if you do that make sure its good and dead before you put it on the heap!

    Hope this is helpful

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,260

    no way do you put it on the compost heap.dry it and burn it, or send it to the council in the brown bins.

  • BluebootsBlueboots Posts: 100

    What's a brown bin? I need to start dealing with some marestail in my garden, and I would have just put it in a green waste bag for the council. I don't want to spread it by putting it in the wrong place. I put russian vine (nasty stuff) in green bags too - will that cause problems?

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,260

    Our council provides three bins. general waste in the grey bin for landfill. Compostable stuff that will rot goes in the brown bin. This is where I send all my bindweed and thistle roots. The council compost heaps get a lot hotter than mine.  It sounds like you have green bags instead.

    Blue bin for recyclable paper, cans bottles.

     There is another bin by the supermarket for old clothes and textiles, and another for shoes.

  • BluebootsBlueboots Posts: 100

    Ah, that's OK.  Our green bags are for council compost, that's where all my weeds go, as I don't know what's evil, and what's not.  Brown bin for food - I never use this as I compost veggie remains, and there's so little other stuff it would just make a slimy coating on the bottom of the bin. Green box for recyclable, black wheelie for rubbish.

  • XX Posts: 707

    Tread on the mares tail and spray with Resolva 24h, works a treat in a few days.

  • If it's a small infestation regular picking/pulling will eventually weaken it and you will triumph.image

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Yes I have a small amount in my garden, I just pull as much of the root out as possible when getting rid of it, seems to have reduced it quite quickly.

    I'd say you need to exclude light for about 3 years to severely diminish it.

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