A sad day :(

Well, I sowed my 'Big Max' pumpkin seeds on 30-4-13, and they didn't set any fruit image So I cut my losses today, and pulled them image (there was no way they would produce fruit now, considering how long they take). Still gutted though.......

Butternut Squash tomorrow............... image


  • Oh, what a shame.  I nearly pulled the kids pumpkins 2 wks ago, but then found a fruit on one that is now 6" in diameter, and a smaller one on the other.  They have been very late this yr, but as they are growing fast I am keeping them so far.  Have removed the extras that have suddenly set so as to put all of the strengtn into these two.  Am feeding like mad and hoping for best, as they seem bigger every day.  They still have nearly 2 mths till we need them, so fingers crossed.  The best we ever grew was 4 stone, started it indoors, then planted in the compost heap as no room elsewhere at the time. That was the largest of 5 that we got that yr from 2 plants.  The others were around the size of Tescos giant ones. They had far less care and attention than this or last yrs attempts as I was building my garden that yr. This will be the way we'll do it again next yr.  However, the snake and swan gourds have not set any fruit, in spite of lots of growth annd flowers.  There never seem to be 2 flowers open at same time for pollination, even though we have 2 of each. (I have 2 boys competing with each other, so everything has to be fair!)  Will let you know if these become big enough to carve for halloween, but i'm not giving up until it's too late!  Don't pull the sqash yet, if getting enough flowers, pollinate with a small soft paintbrush and hope for the best!

  • Emma1978Emma1978 Posts: 202

    Thanks jeannie, I'll leave the squash where it is for now then image 

    It's amazing how much room that pumpkin took up! 

    Good luck with yours image I calculated that even if one fruit of mine had pollinated, it wouldn't have been ready until Christmas lol

  • Thanks, Emma, here's hoping! image

    They do take up an awful lot of space, don't they?

  • absolutely! It was rambling through my sweetcorn, and climbing over my cosmos and salix lol Hubby called it a triffid who was planning world domination image How are yours doing? Still groing strong?

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