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barking dogs

 I have just had new neighbours move into next door.they had 1 labby which was fine untill they bought another so as to breed from them.Now they bark all day and most of the night.I love dogs and have a dalmatian myself that has never barked as from a pup.But now my peice and tranquility have been shattered.image



  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Contact your local Environmental Health department and ask their advice.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    You might benefit from info' from poster Tina Turner..check Morning/  Evening Forkers threads, she's had this prob for ages and has now sorted it, sure she'll advise you.

  • Hi, I have had a sim prob with labradoodles.  They guy had a bitch first, then bought a dog to breed. Ha, hasn't realised about F1 hybrids! They used to bark all of the time, but now bark rarely. One will egg the other on, even if the first was taught not to bark.  There are many remedies, depending on the dogs and the owner.  Have you pointed out to the owner that this is disturbing your peace, (and possibly causing your dog to bark back?)  If you are friendly with your neighbour, you may be able to sort a remedy with him/her.  If a new neighbour, as you say, try to get friendly first, before you complain.  There is nothing worse than enmity between neighbours.  See if you can go walks together with all of the dogs, so they get to know each other, and so do you people.  Then bring up the problem barking with them.  They mey be so used to it that they don't hear it anymore, or it annoys them so much that they repeatedly tell the dogs off without really addressing the prob.  The latter sounds most likely, as if the dogs baark for attention, they are getting it, even if only to be told off.  As a responsible dog owner, you know this. There are many reasons to get the owners onside, but the main one is that you need them to let YOU discipline their dogs when they are away (if they leave them outside), and you all need to decide on a resolution that will result in having friendly neighbours.  There is nothing worse than bad neighbours, as you have to live with them every single day of your life, unlike family or friends!  You CHOOSE friends, you put up with family, but neighbours can really make your life heaven or hell.  I've had both types, and diplomacy is (usually) the best answer.  You already have dogs in common, even if they are the problem.

    It is quite possible that the barking annoys the owners too.  Do they shout at the dogs a lot, and is that as annoying as the barking?  What do the dogs bark at?  Did they have the bitch first? (I'd like to bet they did, as bitches are less territorial, so less likely to guard all perimeters.)  Many dogs bark out of boredom, and this can be quite common in playful labs.  They are not a 'Guard Dog' as some other breeds, which bark to repel intruders.  Are the dogs given toys, chews etc when the owners leave them for work etc?  Labs are very greedy dogs, with a very strong need to chew.  They are also very friendly dogs, very gregarious with humans, and intelligent.  Although unaggressive, they need constant stimulation, and without it will develop unwanted behaviours.

    Unfortunalely, these days, many people have discovered that dogs can be a 'status symbol', and the price of some dogs has risen sharply.  So pet owners have thought that they can 'have a go' at breeding.  'I've got a nice bitch, she's got papers, I won't pay the stud fees so I'll get a dog of my own to breed from her, and maybe charge other people to use the dog'.  Thus a 'puppy farm' starts.  These people haven't looked into breeding, demand, genetics, etc, or even into the rudimentaries of training thier owwn dogs before they breed puppies. Adult dogs train puppies, just as we train our kids.  So if there are bad behaviors there to start, which were taught by humans, they will carry on.  But the cycle CAN be broken.

    I'm sorry, I went off on a tirade. I am a dog groomer, and see some horrible examples of bad behavior in dogs that could be prevented or cured with a little thought and understanding from the owners.  And can give examples of owners who have changed dogs lives and temperaments forever.

    I think I should edit this before I click send, as I went off into a tirade about irresonsable dog owners, but the wine kicked in, so I'll send an

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    the owner is a shooting man and has the dogs are working dogs so you would think that he could train them not to bark.they are left to their own devices throughout the day,and all day long they are fighting and barking at each other.i do understand that the breed is a very active one simular to collies, so they must get board.the other problem is that they have metal water dishes and no sooner that they are put out for the dog's,the dog,s turn the bowls over and toss then around the garden which is concrete,so you can imagine the noise being made.i dont think i will contact the owner as he looks like a real thug.i'm concerned also as to the dogs welfare as they have no water all day as they tip it over first thing.they have bee suffering through the hot weather that we had. i have told the owner about this but no action was taken.i have introduced myself to him and even invited him around for a drink when he moved in,but i have seen how agressive he is with his teenage kid,s.

    As for my dog they cannot see her as the fence is high and she does not bark at all.Phew think i need a drink now

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,811

    Diddy I'd contact the council first re the noise and find out your position - I'm sure you can do it without 'him' knowing it's you. Tell them you've tried the friendly approach. Also how about the RSPCA? Tell them you're concerned about the welfare of these dogs. Again- I expect you could do it anonymously.

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    As Fairygirl said, have had an ongoing problem with neighbour's dog for nigh on 4 years.  Did contact Environmental Dept at Council and first time was told to keep a log, but that was easier said than done.  Phoned again a few weeks back and could have made a formal complaint, anonymously if I wanted, but decided to try and deal with it myself.  Didn't confront them as I was sort of aware of what the reaction could be but wrote a very polite letter, starting by apologising for having to do so.  Outcome wasn't too good, but the dog has stopped.  3 weeks now and it's bliss.  So Diddy, don't leave things to fester.  Deal with it now otherwise it will make your life unbearable. 

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Leaving dogs unattended without adequate water (or shade?) is something that the RSPCA would be very interested in. Each area is an independent body and is desperate for funding so, if you could put a little donation into the letter, they would be  happy to pay Mr Thug a visit, no names mentioned.

  • DiddydoitDiddydoit Posts: 801

    I know the dogs are a pain in the a... with thier barking and fighting so if something came back to him as regards a complaint,then he might just put two and two toghether.Also is the fact that he owns shot gun is a worrying thing,you often hear how people lose the plot and go ape with a gun.







  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    I take it you aren't his only neighbour so why should he automatically think of you to blame?

    Plus, if you feel threatened by his behaviour and/or possession of a shotgun I would go to the police and ask them to record you concerns, should anything happen to you. We aren't living in Dodge City and he can't act as if we are.

  • DiddydoitDiddydoit Posts: 801

    I do live next door to him.

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