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Water harvesting system for under £35

I posted another thread about a waterbutt location problem then stumbled upon this product called the Hydrobutt from a website

Looks pretty good but I alsways thought rainwater harvestings systems cost thousands.

Have any of you guys tried before or any other advice?

thanks Darren B


  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Hi Darren, have just looked at the site, looks ingenious! But have you tried just making a hole (the diameter of the hose) near the top of each butt and connecting them with pieces of hose, so that when one is full it flows over to the next one and so on? This is how my OH has done it, but only with two butts as we have two down pipes so the third one is separate.

  • Hi Sue, yes thats how I have the water butts currently connected. I do like the idea of just taking all the water butts and moving them out the way. The website says that you can drain all the water butts at the same time by using the tap on the hydrobutt, im quite impressed =)

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