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Wood lice

Anybody got any ideas haw to get rid of woodlice? The little b##### are eating all my tomaoes in the greenhouse and at this rate i wont be getting any!!!!!


  • PeterE17PeterE17 Posts: 129

    Maud, wood lice tend to eat plant debris. I would wager that snails, slugs or caterpillars are damaging your tomatoes and that the wood lice are taking the opportunity to feed on the damaged fruit.

    As for control - I've no idea.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,158

    That's true about the woodlice. They're goodies.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Pottie PamPottie Pam Posts: 887

    I've found woodlice inside holes in strawberries. Maybe if the tomatoes were damaged or splitting the woodlice would have a nibble.


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    There is a spider that specialises in eating woodlice. It doesn't have a common English name but it's Latin name is Dysdera crocata. When you see one it is quite distinctive and unlike any other common spider. Not a very pretty spider, but it doesn't need to be as it's nocturnal. Found under stones or logs - we have a fair few in our cellar.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Maud. Woodlice do only eat plant debris and stick to stuff on the ground. Have you seen woodlice in your GH.

    I'm happy to be wrong but would have thought it a tad bit hot for them in there at this time of year and they are not known to be climbing insects so it's unlikely they would climb up the tom plants onto fruit.  

    It could be caterpillars.

  • JanBiJanBi Posts: 11

    I found ant killer worked wonders if sprinkled around them.

  • Its definately woodlice ive sat in the greenhouse and watched them happily munching on my toms. Have now picked remaining ones and finishing them off on the bathroom window ledge. Think i have a new breed of them, kamakaze woodlice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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