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Talkback: Chelsea 2010: my verdict

Chelsea is fantasy land where we can all dream - these gardens need massive budgets, perfect plots, huge construction and unreal planting. They give us ideas, inspiration and appreciation of what we have in our own little plot. Enjoy it for what it is and accept that no ordinary mortal has chelsea perfection. Ours gardens are perfect - because we love them!


  • Anyone inspired by Chelsea to create woodland can get help, advice and possibly funding from the Woodland Trust, now offering nearly four decades of native tree planting expertise externally. From a copse to a forest, a nature-friendly mix of trees will help biodoversity and boost wildlife - bees, bugs and biggie beasties - with benefits from the day of planting. [email protected]
  • ...inspired by Chelsea, I'd like to learn more about indoor plants. I have an east facing flat with no garden, only a small balcony. Can anyone advise where to start? I have bamboo but looking for something more colourful ...
    Many thanks.
  • Fed up with all these men telling us what to do, or rather over-dressed dolly birds!

    The only interesting woman gardener/presenter I saw, was marvellous! Slightly fat, middle-aged and wearing glasses! She was REAL- (a friend of Alan Titchmarsh) - unfortunately don't know her name. Let's face it, most gardeners are women. Not young pretty young girls, who are extremely irritating and not particularly knowledgeable. This woman WAS.

    Can we see more of her, please
  • The garden I would most like to have was Roger Platts.
    I always love Tom Stuart-Smith's designs too, and have several plants in my garden that I only heard about through him. However, how long before that lovely rectangle of water is covered in algae, duckweed, and general detritis - or is there some magic way to prevent this happening?
    And weren't those irises in pots in Andy's garden goreous too!
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the chelsea garden show this week, but lets get real who has the time and money to be able to carry this on at home. I have my allotment and two chickens and guess what, I have just realised how lucky I am.
  • I love watching Chelsea. Alan is such a gentleman. I would smack Joe Swift if he kept harping on about my age etc. But Alan just ignores him which is the best thing to do. Alan has still got his hair and HIS AGE poor old Joe Swift aint...... I admire all those people who work so hard at putting on the BEST LONDON SHOW OF THE YEAR
  • Loved the Daily Telegraph Garden. Thank you Andy Sturgeon.Inspirational in it's intimacy. Thank you Birmingham CC for the Heroes garden and the therapy of gardens. The little we make of our all is our earthly paradise and for some of us it is a long way off - but then isn't it the journey that matters?
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the chelsea flower show on television and I am determined to be there next year.I particularly liked rhubard and custard from yorkshire and the eden project completed by the homeless it was so inspirational.
    I do not think Chelsea is elitist,anyone can grow plants or vegetables . Following my viewing of the programme I will be building my own compost heap and have just learned how to do it from the website. thanks you Alan Titchmarsh et all for giving me a great weeks highlight of the chelsea flower show.
  • This year for the first time, I went to Chelsea - it was fantastic!Makes the T.V.coverage all the more enjoyable. I found the M&G Investments Garden the best (not just because they sponsored the show!)I was very conscious of the "greenness" pervading all the gardens - particularly Hostas and Heucheras. Also it was good to chat to some of the gardens' builders and find out the judges' comments - it's a pity they couldn't be displayed beside each garden so that us mere mortals could understand a bit better, how the judges arrive at their decisions. A great show - I'll be there next year for sure!
  • re "Posted by Chelsea Flower Show at 8:35 pm on Wednesday 26 May 2010". If it's the lady I think it is, her first name is Christine Walkden and she's the no-nonesense gardening expert on the BBC's "one show" - she gets all the guests - no matter how "big a name" - to get planting / involved in what she's talking about on each show and brooks no backing out.
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