Multiple Headed Sunflowers


I have several sunflowers in my garden which I planted from a packet of Unwins Giant Single Sunflowers; a couple of which have grown multiple heads on.  I've attached a photograph of one which has 16 heads on it.  I just wondered out of interest if this is usual or anyone else has had this happen with theirs. I'm quite new to gardening, although I have grown sunflowers before and never had this happen.  It was a lovely surprise to have so many flowers come out on the one plant!  image






  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,730

    I haven't had that many before but sunflowers will produce multiple blooms.

  • I don't know if it is normal- never grown sunflowers but it looks great

  • i have also the same this year purplemoose.. my are gorgeous orange/yellow.brown colours.. and they have ot loads flowers on and more to come.. wil be collecting the seeds as they look great in the border..

    never had them before.. only every had one headed sunflowers

  • PanoplyPanoply Posts: 75

    Your sunflowers must be very happy!

    Mine are doing multiple heads as well, though not as spectacularly as yours! They've done their main big flower and now that's fading the secondary flowers are opening up. Certainly gives a good display, doesn't it!

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    Most of mine have multiple heads this year. Most were also to some degree eaten by caterpillars and so I took off the worst affected leaves which is were the extra flower heads have grown from, best.

    Looks like you'll be able to save lots of seeds for the birds this winter, Purplemooseimage

  • Thank you for your replies image  It's great to hear so many of us have done well with our sunflowers this year!  I wonder if it being a good year weather wise with a good mix of sun and rain has helped. Just brightens the day seeing them when I open the curtains in the morning!  Great idea to save the seeds for the birds too Zoomer44, I hadn't thought to do that!   image

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