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Talkback: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010

dont know what to do with my cordyline,half of its green half dead.had it 15 years please help.also my jelly palm looks dead.


  • My heart sank as I watched the television coverage of the gardens at Chelsea. There was little evidence of help for birds to get in and out of those vertical sided formal pools.

    I once had the distressing experience of watching a blackbird drown in the enclosed pools at Kensington Gardens.

    Were the cameras just missing these essential features? It's so important for designers to be aware that gardens and wildlife are interdependent.
  • I loved the bottle greenhouse and want to build one on my allotment - please can GW show us how - Geoffrey Hamilton would have been thrilled to see it!
  • hi back from chelsea on saturday had the privilage of meeting james alexander wife had photo taken with james what a really nice guy also met sarol kline looking foreward seeing james at bloom in dublin
  • I loved the Eden project garden,it was my favourite really great to see so much being recycled within the garden. great ideas to take home and very inspirnational
  • Hi,
    Nice post. I think this just was amazing.
    If you have any picture please give it on this blog.
    Thank you.

    P.S: Clic on it For some information of chelsea

    Locksmiths Chelsea
  • I watched every moment of the cfs,and I loved it. One question: Idid not sea any hortensia, not the old fashioned ones but also not the modern ones like anabelle. Here in Holland they are very popular, are they not in your country?
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