Talkback: Growing wisteria in a pot

I have just come in from putting fleece over the more tender plants, like Canna and some of the less hardy Passiflora, thrown over the plants and held in position with clothes pegs, it saves a lot of misery in the morning. Hope the nights warm up soon!


  • ... and it will be easier to spray if attacked by the 'wisteria scale insect'. I had a look on a friends plant but only found the native 'soft brown scale insect' which is fairly benign?[email protected]/4584559786/
  • hi people really sorry but this has nothing to do with wisteria,,,please help....could someone tell me where i can buy a CONCRETE birdhouse [nesting box] this year i've had terrible problems with the birdhouses being attacked by woodpecker ,they have destroyed 1 house and taken bluetit babies,the other house is still being attacked and there are still babies in that one.HELP...i have looked on line but the 1 i found is on a wire so no good and also i need to buy them in this country...its worse from 3.45am up to 8.00am when the bird is most active...strainge...............
  • Sadly my very old Wisteria has suffered badly from the recent cold nights [it is much too large to cover with fleece] It was absolutely loaded with flowers which are now just hanging down soggily although where it has grown along the side of the house the flowers seem to have survived. It usually has a second flowering later in the year so hopefully it will come back
  • Glad to hear that Wisteria will grow happily in a pot.
    I've just taken advantage of the 20% Crocus offer and purchased Black Dragon.
    Planted it in a large pot and trained it around a 5ft stake.
    Do you have any recommendations for care in the early years?
  • I returned a wisteria to the garden centre after finding that the spot I had intended for it under some pebbles had only concrete and clay under there! I wish I'd thought about training it as a standard - it's a great idea. May be one for next year as my garden budget is well and truly spent for this year!
  • It would have been nice to see a photo of your wisteria to give added encouragement to give it a go.
  • Hi
    I have just been madly in love with Wisteria, especially after my visit to Turkey in April!
    I am planning to buy this plant but I was in dilemma as where to plant in my garden and did not find a good spot for it, so decided to plant in a big pot. I have not seen very big terracotta pots, so was thinking to plant in nice big plastic pot, will that be ok? Any other tips for this new plant?
    I did see video as how to prune Wisteria, I will keep that in mind. I will not have to do anything to new plant I suppose.
    They are quite expensive, anywhere you know to get it for good price?

    Thank you for reading mail and expecting reply from you.


  • I have been growing a Wisteria in a pot since the programme G W with Alan Titchmarsh a man had to dig a massive one out of his garden and couldn't bear to get rid of it, really looked wonderful. my Daughter also grows one in a pot. and we advise not planting them against the house as they under mind the walls and many houses are in trouble because of this lovely plant.
  • I too planted a wisteria in a pot about two months ago. Thanks for the tips about pruning. I hope my pot is going to be big enough!
    I would post a picture but havent worked out how to do it yet!
  • I too have aquired a wisteria and planted in a big pot. I hope it is big enough. I would upload a picture if I knew how! Thanks for the tips re pruning!
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