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Talkback: Growing blackberries

Ashton Cross has a good flavour, maybe try that one?


  • why have most of my tulips come up blind an d what should i do
  • Thanks for the tip on Ashton Cross Jaye, I will hunt it down.

    Mike, where/ when/ how did you plant your tulips? Too deeply? (The most probable cause) In the shade? (Can inhibit flowering) or, as with daffodils, if you cut the plant back after flowering it doesn't have time to rejuvenate.
  • In your last programme Toby showed us his own design of compost bin and promised it would appear on the website.

    I cannot find it, please can you help?
  • regarding blackberry varieties ... I'm
    very interested about Doyle's Thornless has anyone tried these?
  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,084
    My blackberries are covered in blossom for the first time in their 4yr life - I now want much more snow in Winter - I can only think that this has kick started them into action!!!
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