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Talkback: Squirrels and skulls

When my four sons were young they had a "museum" in the back garden, full of treasures they had dug up. This included bones and skulls of animals. Invited to visit one day after a family visit to Bristol Museum, I found the exhibits labelled with names all ending in saurus - the dinosaur exhibits had been the inspiration.


  • Richard Jones...what is it with you and your cats? find it acceptable for your cats to be killers and always on the look out for a kill...i have suggested previously that you take yourself of and write for 'cat world'... why should gardeners be lumbered with your killing fields...skulls and all...i am afraid another rubbish article from your last article you were proud of them killing birds...shame on you.
  • May I suggest to Harry Hill, that if what Richard writes, so offends him, he should find another blog to read, and leave those that enjoy this column to do so without his comments, which are very often bordering on the offensive.
  • Richard writes about the "wider" garden - the garden that includes animals and people other than the gardener. I, and many others, find this fascinating and interesting at any time of the year whatever the weather. Plants in a garden cannot thrive without input from wildlife and humans. We can enjoy and marvel at them all.
  • In my garden in Glasgow it used to be a rather bloodthirsty race between the squirrels (greys there) and the magpies as to who would get the young chicks (blackbirds, sparrows, robins) etc)first in spring - I found anything from bits of egg shell to feathers/down to legs and beaks below both dreys and nests.
  • I regularly watch squirrels IN our squirrel-proof bird feeders - the cat just sits and watches with indignation.
  • How true that grey squirrels destroy our garden birds' nests. Last year one had the entire nest of 8 Great Tit baby birds which had hatched just 24 hours before. (If any birds manage to fledge, there is a posse of cats and magpies all just waiting their opportunity to pounce.) Non-native species, be it animal or plant, are seldom without problems to the country they invade.
  • If Gardeners World is all about cats and killing...thats me done with it...cancelled my subscription to Gardeners World and cancelled all emails...Let some other Plonker pay for Richard Jones and his articles...Not Me!!
  • I really do agree with you Harry its cruel , I dont want to hear about such things , even if it is nature ..
  • Harry,

    Cats kill things. They always have and always will. Get over it.
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