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Wayward Philadelphus

I planted a philadelphus in 2007.  It struggled for couple of years as the garden had been site of old stables/garages/dumping ground - though I did dig out a hole and put good stuff in.  Then hubby, being helpful, gave it a severe pruning 'to tidy it up' at the wrong time.  So it struggled a bit more.  Last year it looked good though no flowers.  This year looks good - and huge - with just one little spray of flowers.  I have told it that if no flowers next spring it is coming out!  It is, unfortunately, the large variety.  Any suggests as to what is going wrong please.


  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127
    • It sounds as though you are pruning too late and therefore removing that years flowering stems.

    Philadelphus (Mock Orange) flowers on the previous years growth and must be pruned just AFTER the flowering period has finished, usually around late May depending on where you live.

  • Many thanks for the advice.  I did shape it up in the early stages but only at the time it would have finished flowering.  You are right - hubby did not help by being severe with it.  Will leave it and let you know next after flowering (I do so hope- fingers well crossed) next year.

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