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Potatoes sprouting before harvesting

I have just cleared my maincrop potatoes (which might seen a bit early but here in the middle of France they are certainly ready by the end of August) The variety is Samba (which is not one I was familiar with) and they were planted during the second week of May. According to the very helpful fact sheet that the garden centre had on potatoes in general they should need 110-120 days so this week is about right for harvesting.

At least half the crop has sprouted, some tubers quite seriously. My question for any expert who can help is whether the fact that they have sprouted, even though we have removed the shoots, is likely to affect their storage quality and indeed whether they are still safe to eat.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,417

    they must be safe to eat, they're still potatoes.

    I don't know the cause of the problem but this will bump you up the forum

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  • Thanks, nutcutlet.

    I was fairly sure but someone suggested that since every part of a potato plant is poisonous except the tubers that once they start to sprout they become poisonous as well. (I suppose it's possible; just didn't sound very likely)

    My next-door neighbour agrees with you. He says it can be a problem in hot weather and we've had some pretty high temperatures July/August this year.

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