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Have just gathered seeds from sisyrinchium (blue ones), anometheca laxa and small shasta daisies.  Should I sow now or wait until the spring.


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    i'd do the sisyrinchium and the  anometheca later in the winter in a cold greenhouse or cold frame. I used to put all the hardy stuff outside as soon as they were ripe but I got things germinating too quickly and had babies to see through winter. or birds would excavate the pots looking for insects. 

    if shasta daisy is Leucanthemum x superbum the x in the middle means it's a hybrid ( and maybe even a cultivar of a hybrid) and you won't get more of the parent plant. They're very easy to devide if you want more.

    Or you could see what you get from seed, might be even better. I'd wait til spring for that.

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  • Thanks for the advice.


  • I often hedge my bets with gathered seeds and sow some fresh and store some to plant in the spring.  It's amazing what grows....I have five wisteria seedlings from seed gathered this spring - they'll go in the cold greenghouse overwinter and I know they have no hope of flowering for at least five years, but it's such fun seeing the unexpected things grow.

    Meanwhile I collect pansy seed and just scatter it around the edge of my pots



     now this is my firast attempt to uopload a photo - these are seeds of oleander but I haven't managed to get them to grow yet - not sure whether to bury them or surface sow. any ideas anyone?

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