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Hi everyone. New here as I have bought a new house in the last year and am looking to improve the garden. Firstly though I need help with a weed that is persistently growing in my driveway which is gravel. I have tried a weed killer on it which didnt work and already this summer I have pulled up the weeds 3 times and they just keep growing back. Theyre quite brittle so it's not always possible to get the roots. It looks sort of like Samphire. I need advice on how to eradicate it completely if possible.




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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,269

    Marestail. as old as the dinosaurs but harder to eradicate. Keep on pulling it out as soon as you see it, or trample it to break the coating and then spray with glyphosate.

  • boiling water and cheap kitchen salt.....providing they're not too close to a border.  Theyre relatively easy as they spread from a single tap root.  Repeat as necessary.  Works on lots of things in gravel...dandelions, ants, ....always worth a try befre resorting to expensive poisons.

    good luck

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