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Talkback: Vine weevil control

Kate - when you repot your orange add a thick layer of gravel over the compost. The vine weevils won't be able to lay their eggs. Thanks for the pesticide info. Dot


  • I found out years ago that any trouble from vine weevil came into my garden from nursery or gift plants from friends so now all are washed of their compost and transferred to scrupulously clean pots with new compost - cheaper in the end than taking short-cuts. The old compost is consigned to the compost heap which earths up potatoes when done. So far I have not had to buy nematodes. Good husbandry usually pays well so, as rain is forecast through the night, I shall be up early tomorrow morning looking for slugs to remove from my sugar-peas, lettuce etc.
  • I've just found my first lavae in my old strawberry pot (yesterday)....I painstakingly went through all the old compost removing the grubs and then thoroughly cleaned my pot (replenishing with new compost) - can I assume that as the grubs were in one of my pots - all others nearby will also be affected?
  • After a root washing seesion this last week I now have all my pots standing on pot feet in saucers which i will have to keep topped up with water - I've heard this can prevent vine weevils. Lost a couple of plants esp strawberries to them last year!
  • Thanks for the tip Dorothy. I agree with happymarion - good husbandry is indeed the key. I spent the weekend uncovering vine weevil grubs - which I put out for the birds - and squishing hundreds of eggs. Lovejoy I'm afraid all your pots are probably affected. Kate
  • Good luck with the nematodes. They weren't up to the job in my garden.

    I hate these creatures - I've lost count of the pots and hanging baskets they've ruined...
  • Kate, you said you had squished hundreds of vine weevil eggs. What do they look like? I have spent ages searching for grubs, but wondered whether there might still be eggs lurking in the compost which I can't see.
  • Hi Jane, they look almost like slow-release fertiliser granules: small, round balls. They start off whitey/yellow and turn orange/brown with age. There's a pic of them here
  • I lost quiet a few plants this spring from vine weevil, and as far as I am concerned the fact that the adult weevil has 100's of eggs it's the real culprit and should be killed. birds love the grubs, not so sure about the actual weevil.
  • I've (successfully) used nematodes, but it has to be the right temperature for them to work. There are a newish variety of nematodes that can be used earlier as they're more cold resistant. When you do wash out the grubs..if you do.. put them on the bird table, robins especially love them.
  • vine weevil are a pain, but I found the best time to find the adult is in the evening when they tend to come out of there hiding place to feed on your plants and to lay there eggs, so I go out with a head torch on and a small tub and I pick them off my plants. the best way of disposal is to stand on them, and the grubs if found, go to the birds.
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