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    When I was young my parents bred boxer dogs, and one in particular ( who won his best of class at Crufts...image..showing off) didn't like cats. We shared access to the garden with an elderly widow who had an old cat that was blind in one eye. It used to jump from one outhouse to the other and the dog used to sit below and bark each time it jumped.

    Sadly one day the cat misjudged and fell to ground, Mum was outside at the time and dashed over, the dog just stood there looking, then dropped to his "knees" and did an almighty Woof, and boxers certainly woof..the cat expired. Mum took it to the old lady and explained, I don't think they were really friendly after that. image

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 42,284

    KEF- I shouldn't laugh but....imageimage

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    That's a funny story KEF Don't poppy seeds take ages to ripen/dry!

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    TinaTurner, i posted on the Morning Forkers bit at 8 this morning. Did you really mean that you have to do it before 6am? This is the bubble for the spirit level initiation isn't it? Ha, you nearly got me there: sat in my pjs desparately trying to have a cup of tea while trying to meet the 6am deadline. It was taking me ages to get to the last post by jumping the page numbers but KEF has told me a quicker way to get to the end of a thread. ha, I am a cloth head at times!

  • Val40Val40 Posts: 1,377

    Oh dear Haisie. image Should have said 18.00 hours cutoff for Evening thread. I'm still in the olden days.  Me does think you are pulling my leg though. image

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    I'm still not getting it, sorry. Does the evening thread start at 18.00? And when does the morning thread finish - what time? I presume the morning thread starts at sparrows fart? Hope I am allowed to say fart. I am going to get a cake and join in this evening! Might buy a teapot too and make myself comfortable anticipating the entertainment. It's so funny on here!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 17,464

    Hello Haisie, just met you on Morning Forkers, said I hadn't seen this thread. Now all is clear, saw it when it began and decided to to answer it. I've enjoyed some of SD's threads, he must be quite a character, but this one didn't appeal. And now all the people I've met on Morning and Evening Forkers are over here!

    Used to be one Forkers thread, then some people had a tiff and 2 new ones started. But no-one really gets detention! Even Verdun has been known to post on the wrong one!

    You are allowed to say fart, natural function after all, and if you bring a cake this evening you will be very popular. Especially with Fairygirl and Verdun!

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    Hello Bizzie-Lizzie! Oh fab! Fart, fart fart, fart... I have a childish sense of humour. Still laughing to myself from lunchtime when I squirted smooth Branston pickle on my ham sandwich. If you've ever had it you'll know why I'm laughing. I could describe but then I will be put in some sin-bin that may be on here.

    I will bring cake this evening and share it image 

    So, no-one gets detention! Umpfh, was scared! I did something bad at school once just to see what a detention was like - didn't do homework.

    Do the nice people who 'manage' or create this site ever read posts? If so, could we have some more different smileys, please? Ones with hats on?

  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951

    image i think thats a hat, but eyes not as good as they usef to be.

    like busy i only found all this nonsense of a thrrad today but had sensed something wrong somewhere.

    Hope its all over now.

    Had a rubbish day, no real reason but see y'all on evening later

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