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Lidl are currently doing various bulbs for spring flowers. But there's the normal range and their 'premium' range.

For example, you can buy 7 hyacynths for £1.49 or just 4 premium bulbs for £1.79. What's going to be the difference between them? You can get the same colours in both ranges so it's not that.

I can understand premium range meats, wines and biscuits, but what would be so 'premium' about bulbs? Will they flower better, last longer, have been treated/grown better or something?


  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 949

    Ok, there could be a couple of reasons...firstly it could be the size of the bulb - larger bulbs could produce bigger or more flowers per bulb. As you mention hyacinths this could be the case or the more expensive bulbs could be treated to flower earlier - they have been heat treated or forced and therefore they are used for indoor flowers, usually flowering around Christmas indoors as opposed to normal bulbs which will flower in spring. I would expect it to state that somewhere on the packet if that were the case.

  • TomskTomsk Posts: 204

    The premium ones are a bit bigger and lighter in colour. I didn't know you can get several heads from each bulb. Are there average numbers before I plant too many in a pot? Here's a photo of the normal and premium bulbs side by side. I only bought both for their colours:



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