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Talkback: Friend or foe?

James I haven't seen a single Ladybird in my garden this year,I saw some when opening the windows in spring but where they have gone is a mystery .


  • I have just spotted ladybirds today as my flowers have all of sudden aphids,they appeared from nowhere.

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,925

    Ive seen the odd ladybird  but not aphids yet - but will keep check as the two usualy work together . 

    First the aphids then the ladybirds .-- But old chippy you could be the lucky one , maybe you aint got aphids

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,925



  • Friend - Ladybird Larvae - of any type - I also have not seen a single ladybird in my garden this year, which really worries me, as it has previously been a haven for them. No yellows, no reds of any variety. REALLY worrying. I try to encourage all wildlife, and include 'homes' for them over the winter; I don't use any preventer substances / killers of any type,organic or otherwise, but apart from seeing 2 larvae only, no ladybirds. Oldchippy is correct! What are we doing wrong, is this a National trend or can we still do more to encourage them (PS - I have plenty of greenfly!).
  • Also I was present at the talk at Gardener's World Live when this was mentioned!!
  • Roy HillRoy Hill Posts: 53
    The harlequin doesn't just munch other ladybirds. It is also partial to lacewings and their larvae, which are another of the gardener's friends.

    It is the smaller native ladybird species which have apparently taken the brunt. Two-spot numbers have declined markedly. The seven-spot is almost holding its own as it is the largest or the natives and is around the same size as the harlequin.

    What I don't get is why someone, somewhere decided that importing a non-native was the way to go. Why didn't they think of a breeding plan for the native species to bolster their numbers for aphid control?
  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244

    Ron just look at all the plant's that don't come from this country.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306
    This poor little creature so often gets killed, as it really does look quite toxic and ferocious, yet hatches out to our beloved lady bird beetle - appearances so often deceptive in gardening.
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