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  • I am a litle confused. I always understood that daffodil folliage should be allowed to die away before tearing away from the ground. This week's news suggests cutting back foliage to allow for summer planting. If I do as suggested will I prevent flowering next Spring. Thanks in advance.
  • Many of the daffodils were blind this spring so in an attempt to rid the garden of bindweed I've dug them all up. Has anyone any ideas what is best to do with them now? replant them, cut them, dry them out?
  • I picked loads of beautiful narcisus and daffodils yesterday but discovered dozens of tiny black beetles deep in the trumpet of every one. Does anyone know what they are, what damage they do and how to get rid of them?
  • What do I do to my Daf's no they have finished flowering?
  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Take off the dead flowers just below the swelling and then leave the leaves alone for 6 weeks so that the energy can go into the bulb to form next year's flowers. You can also give them a good feed - any balanced fertilizer will do, e.g., Growmore, Miraclegro, chicken manure pellets. After 6 weeks you can cut off the remaining leaves; make sure that you brush compost into the hole left to block it and so avoid narcissus fly getting into the bulb.

    Treated this way you daffodils will last for years and never need replacing.

    To the previous poster, the beetles are pollen beetles and do no harm.

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