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Hello all,

I left this patch unweeded next to the beans as there were fennel, nigella and a miniature (20cm!!) sunflower growing, but there's also this interesting grass. I really like it but have no idea what it is. It's growing in a c shape from the ground, with these long (30cm ish) stems and then a big flat leaf. Any ideas?


 Thank you!



  • Looks like a bamboo!!

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    Definitely looks like a bamboo, get rid of it quick, or you'll have it everywhere. Has the neighbour got bamboo? Could have spread from there.

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    Oh dear! It does rather! I hope it isn't, I've only heard bad things about garden bamboos.

    I've no experience with bamboo (apart from those little potted ones for your windowsill, which I always managed to kill) but the stems don't look how I'd imagine. The leaves are also hairy.. do bamboos have hairy leaves?

    I can't see any neighbours who have bamboo so don't know where it'd come from.

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     Does Bamboo have flowers / seed   , Maybe its come to you via the birds . ?


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    Does not look like Bamboo to me with the way the leaves are growing up the stem and the way it is fanning out from the centre. It reminds me more of a type of Water Reed or some native.

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    Dig it up stick it in a pot and see what it turns into. Then if it is bamboo you won't have to wrestle it out of the ground.

  • Lucky3, bamboo only flowers once every 100 years or so... It is supposed to be very lucky ironically!!! I have x3 in my garden a two black negra bamboos and amother one that was given to us it's lovely the young stems go red in the sun then fade to yellow. I don't have any problems with it I have to say but I do keep on top of it trimming it and cutting off runners. This one looks like a very invasive type that I see in people's gardens it grows very very tall and is extremely invasive.. Make sure you get it all dig deep!!

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    I was planning to dig it up as I quite like it and it's in the veg bed so can't stay there. No sign of it flowering or seeding and it's been there all summer so would think if it were an annual it would've gotten to that by now.

    I shall see about digging it out tomorrow. I'd been putting it off as the nigella will throw a big tantrum and give up once disturbed. Shall get a better photo when I do dig it out.

    It is indeed fanning from a central sort of point, as blairs said, so hopefully it isn't bamboo. It is quite near to the pond (maybe six feet) so your water reed suggestion was interesting, maybe carried on a frog?! There are a lot of birds bringing all sorts into the garden as well, but I've never seen anything like this.

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    Stacey Docherty wrote (see)

    . This one looks like a very invasive type that I see in people's gardens it grows very very tall and is extremely invasive.. Make sure you get it all dig deep!!

    It looks similar but is not Sasa is just Common Reed - best not to alarm people Stacey.

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    I don't think it's a bamboo. the way it comes out of the ground is wrong and bamboo not hairy

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