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I have three courgette plants and each one has about 7-8 flowers but no courgettes, could some one tell me why this is and could I do something to help. The plants are in a veg bed outside that gets about 4-5 hours of morning sunshine from about 8 am then is in shade for rest of the day. 


Thank You.


  • Could be that they need a little more sunlight. And Courgettes I know like lots and lots of water. Could they be a little thirsty? If you have flowers they're definitely trying so could be that just a little more sun or a little more water might give them the incentive they need. Been growing them myself this year and so far so good, they're somewhat smaller than you'd buy in the shops but they keep on going. Mine are very liberally watered daily and they're in a sunny spot that gives them as much sun as they can get in my garden which is very tree lined and so doesn't get sun all day but I found the spot where they'd get the most.

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    Linny, are there any female flowers? You need both male and female flowers. If you have both, you have a pollination problem. You could try hand pollinating.

    Here's something I posted on another thread about hand pollinating squash. The same principles apply.

  • They look to be a lot of males. I have one that looks like a yellow courgetcoming growing. I will alot more also. The plants are quite big. Will try the self pollination also. Thank you. 


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