We have an apple tree which we have had for two years. This year it has fruited well with some good quality delicious fruit. Many of the braches have "bald" lengths at their base and all new growth and fruit are at the top, hence they have become top heavy and in need of support.

If we prune back the braches, removing the areas where we have growth and fruit, will shots and branches appear on the "bald" sections?


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    Depends on what variety the apple is. Some are tip bearers. If you cut off all the tips you have no fruit. Others are not. What variety is it?

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    Do you have bullfinches in your garden, Graham? They are great ones for taking buds out from the branches.

  • Variety is Discovery and I haven't seen any finches let alone bullfinches.

    I am nopt aware of this variety being a tip bearer, think I'll probably end up pruning one branch back in the winter and hoping for the best.

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    RHS website states that Discovery is a partial tip bearer

    Pruning instructons here



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  • Many thanks Dovefromabove, guess I should have paid more attention when buying it, however the fruit are delicious, not unlike Pink Lady

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