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The knowledgeable Italophile has suggested the use of DiPel in controlling tomato caterpillars. However, search as I might, the only suppliers I can find are in The USA. The problems are twofold. a) It is only sold in large quantities b) American suppliers will not ship to the UK (I suspect transportation costs would be prohibitive if they did)

Can anyone suggest a UK supplier for a domestic gardener, or even an alternative trade name which is available.

I suspect any advice will be keenly followed by a lot of viewers.



  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Colin, I was able to buy it in domestic quantities when I was in Sydney 10 years ago. It's sold in small cartons of sachets of powder. The good Sydney garden centres had it. Try asking at your nearest good garden centre. It's the active ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis that you need to specify.

    You might also try the garden supplies section of Amazon.

    Thuricide is another brand name.


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