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Talkback: 'Grow Your Own' Week: Garden birds

It's great to see your enthusiasm about both gardening and, of all birds, the wren! A little explanation: I love gardening and try to pass that love to my 3 growing-up children. And on top, the oldest and youngest of my kids have autism. Whereas the oldest, a girl, 11y old, loves cars, the youngest, 6y, a boy, loves birds, and is especially fond of the wren, don't ask me why. It's a blessing, his obsession with birds and the wren in particular: we've recently installed 5 "houses" for the birds in our garden, and are now planning to planting much more bushes and flowers in order to attract even more birds. We live in the centre of Belgium (just east to Brussels), so there are plenty of wrens, magpies, sparrows, and the lot, but most of all titlings. The blue tits are building a nest in the garden!


  • Just spent the morning watching a Wren gathering nesting material, and taking it into a nest box I put up last summer. This was one of three nest boxes that I put up at the same time, and was the one that all the text books said was in the wrong position, and I was really expecting sparrows or tits. What a bonus!
  • Really delighted that after such a bad
    winter we have seen a thrush sat on her
    nest in the fork of a tree in our garden. The male is never far away. He stands bold and proud, ever watchful. This is only her first week on the nest and our binoculars are worn out already! We wait in trepidation, trying our utmost to keep magpies and crows away from her. The 3 dunnocks we had in november have disappeared. just hopin the cold weather hasnt finished them on earth do the smaller blue tits, in abundance again this year, manage to survive and yet the dunnocks feel the cold. if someone can give me an answer to that one I would appreciate it.
  • I have a blue-tit who has taken a liking to my car's wing mirror's. He visits my car every morning and seems to fight with himself. Jumping and pecking at the mirror. He obviously thinks he has competition. He also deposits little parcels on my car. Anyone else know of this behaviour?
  • I have been removing bird deposits from near my car wing mirrors all week - this morning was the first time I saw the culprit - a blue-tit.
  • when growing peas I always soak mine overnight in white parrafin mice or birds will not eat them by the time they mature the smell and taste are gone.Using this method I have never covered with twigs cotton or any other substance
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