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 Dear all,

This's my 3years old grape vine, cant remember the name now brought it from The Range 3yrs ago. It seems doing very well this year producing loads of fruit, still small thou.

Just wondering if this's gonna grow to edible size like those in supermarket?

As you can see, it also have few rotten one between every each one of the prunnet, not sure what's it all along these years, so i never harvested anything yet. Please can anyone help & teach me a little bit more from this process now on?

Thank you very much!!!




  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,125

    Hi Ping

    it looks like a variety of grape that is for wine making. I have one about the same age growing along the top of my lounge windows with grape bunches of similar size. You can eat them but they won't get to supermarket size. I'm hoping we get enough to make a bottle of wine. Squirrels and blackbirds are rather partial to them if last year  is anything to go by.

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