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Talkback: Growing fruit and veg with children

Timely reminder, Pippa. The community garden where I help has Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Sunday School,etc all growing your suggestions. They also have alpine strawberries as well as big ones in growbags,thornless blackberries as well as raspberries. My children and grandchildren loved helping with the fruit and vegetable garden and many are keen gardeners themselves.


  • Great idea Pippa. We have been handing out free broad beans at work. They are fantastic for the kids as they grow so fast. - Not a chance to get bored... I am not sure you can grow very much in a week, you may want to increse it to grow your own season? :) Doug
  • good for you!
    (in a nice way)
  • my friends children love going to the allotment with their grandad, they have their little plots and love growing things and they love to tell me all about what they are growing and can't wait to show me how things are growing, the little boy is 5yrs and his sister is nearly 9yrs and have loved growing things since they were toddler's.hope more children are so privaliged.
  • Ihave an apricot tree ,MORCROFT .it has no blossom and is secreting a sticky
    sweet substance .only had it for 1 year
    looks like it might be dying but the branches are still green if i break it?
    can you help .
  • Hi Pippa -I'm thrilled to hear about the inaugural Grow Your Own Week - we're with you all the way at Belgravia Towers ! My three children love nothing more than planting, growing & harvesting - we live in Central London with limited outside space - we do however have some spectacular window boxes ! My sons designed their current box - they said farewell to a very long window with the advent of lovely Spring flowers - it looks amazing ! We're also growing rhubarb, courgettes, strawberries and hope to beat last year's tomato crop! I have my own blog detailing family life in London - growing things with my children is a huge passion and very relaxing ! Thanks again & well done !
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