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Chicken Compost/Manure & Wrigglers

Hi al,

     First time here,so sorry if i get anything wrong.Enjoy the site helped me out loads recently !

My Questions

1/ I have just been given a 25 Kg Bag of Super Dug Extra Organic Chicken Manure......Smells Great ! Can I just mix all of it with my current compost heap or will it become to strong ? Or ............?

2/ i have two water butts and one of them has an awful lot of "wrigglers" in it.Good bad or indifferent ?And what are they.

Thanks in advance of any replies.Keep up the good work




  • chicken manure is good stuff i use it with my compost when i pot up my pots and baskets.or just mix it in when plating out. am new to here as well alots of help from most of them. keep gardening.hope to se you again.

  • PPM,

            Such response time ! Thanks

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    The wrigglers are gnat larvae.  Is your water butt closely covered at all times?  It should be!

  • Welshonion,

                       Thanks for the reply,but covered it is with a nice secure Lid ! Only entrance is for the Downpipe.


  • If you have no lid for your water-butt, what I did was to buy some goldfish put them into the butt and no more gnats larvae hope that helps.

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    A few drops of paraffin or vegetable oil will spread over the surface and cut off their air supply. Just don't dunk the handle of the watering can in the water, as it will be a bit greasy. It's a cheap and easy way to kill off wrigglers and won't harm your plants.

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