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  • Help! something is eating my daff's
  • I have found five dead frogs on the grass near my small pond, very damaged and their stomach very bloated.
  • Bettall, take a look at, it may provide some answers, and even if it doesn't, it is a very informative site, well worth a visit.
  • Just been out in the garden and noticed I have tulips out in bud ready to open!! Is this normal for March?? Can't understand whats happening this year!! Anyone else have tulips flowering now?
  • It’s now officially Spring! March 20th marked the official Spring Equinox but as a gardener I tend to wait for Mother Nature and I can say, according to the garden flora and fauna, Spring has most definitely sprung.

    The plants in the garden and nursery are looking much happier now and are enjoying the warmer weather and longer daylight hours. The perennials which never fail to amaze me are pushing up tender green growth from under the bare soil. After a very long wait I have daffodils in flower. The vibrant yellow is enough to cheer even the grumpiest gardener. Suddenly there is new life everywhere.
    I have been watching the bees buzzing groggily around the garden foraging for nectar from the early flowers. The birds have been singing for weeks and are busy collecting bits of moss and twigs from around the garden.

    With Spring I have been busy sowing seed in the greenhouse, it’s actually been warm enough to germinate tomatoes! I have also been busy pricking out thousands of Dierama plants. The strong seedlings have already started to form bulbs and look exactly like fresh baby spring onions. The Greenhouse has a lovely sweet, fresh,green, mossy smell which I wish I could bottle. There is new growth everywhere and the promise of a wonderful year in the garden.
  • Here in Central Scotland we have a winter wonderland and all my emerging bulbs are buried beneath several inches of soft snow. The compensation is the vast numbers of birds we have on the feeders, especially the siskins, redpolls, various tits, especially the pretty long-tailed tits which seem to prefer the fat balls, and the usual garden birds.
  • there seems to be alot of bees around this year; I found 3 in my bedroom in 2 days!

    i think thats a good sign...
  • How can I take a cutting of a pieris forest flame any ideas?
  • Your post is really sweet.
    It actually brought back alot of childhood memories for me.
    (I have fond memories of walking through my grandmother's garden as a child)

    Thanks again
    Aanee xxx
  • Birds are singing in the garden, crows making their nest. A cabbage white butterfly and bubblebee flew by. About 14 ladybirds came out of hiding. The sunshine was'nt out today but it was still very warm in the garden.
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