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Talkback: Snails and song thrushes in the garden

I beleive your in the right adam ,i regulary dispose of snails from my garden i move them to the end of the entry at the back of my back garden i spend probaly 30 minutes every fornight checking my garden and removing the pest rather then killing them then then simply place them on the rockpile 20 metres down the entry at the base of a large lorrel bush i must say the birds have a feild day ive often seen a robin blackbird thrush dining on them as soon as im far enough away like a buffet prepared for them ,i like to think im helping them


  • I am sure people have been disposing of snails, just like you, and me, for decades. I too have the lovely thrush visiting my garden regularly,has been for years. I am sure they will continue to do so, even tho snails will continue to be dispatched to snail heaven by me.We will never find every one that is lurking in dark corners, so our thrushes will still have their favorite snack.
  • I "dispose" of anything living in any garden I am working in by finding it a more suitable home, if it is liable to eat my produce or spoil my flowers. It is easy to grow plants for the slugs and snails which they prefer and then collect them and put them under a hedge, where they will be happy till a predator lower down the foodchain, like a bird, can find them. There is no need to be cruel to be a successful gardener. I love it when a tame robin or blackbird joins me while I am gardening to pick up worms - luckily all the gardens I work in have very fertile soil.
  • I agree with you! We are all god's creatures and should look after each other.
  • snails are slime and Disgusting
  • Maybe you could set aside a small patch where you can 'farm' snails for the thrushes, growing plants they love. You could perhaps fence it with a very fine gauge mesh to keep them in! A bit like leaving a patch of nettles for butterflies.
  • I have heard that snails return whence they came,and can detect the slime of others.So if you get rid of them they are just replaced by others who take up the territory.I throw mine into the middle of the lawn and hope the thrushes get them before they get back.Now what about those tiny black slugs?
  • I let the chickens have mine so I don't feel so guilty as they turn that extra helping of protein into fresh eggs.
  • I too will move snails away from plants that i work hard to grow, i dont see anything wrong with that, if you had a dog or cat damaging your plants wouldn't you try to deter them too?? i have many song thrushes and mistle thrushes in my garden, if they couldn't find anything nice to eat i doubt they'd keep returning?? i've never heard of growing a patch of nettles to attract butterflies, but i have heard of growing them to attract ladybirds, who play a big role in an organic garden!
  • If you have a problem with snails, why don't you just cook and eat them? They are not native to this country after all but were brought in by the Romans as a delicacy. Free protein.
  • oh my goodness that is disgusting! I chuck mine on the garage roof for the birds to eat! The birds love that
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