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Talkback: Wasps and wasps' nests

wasps i wouldnt go on my plot for a year only insect im scared of,wonder if you can help me with my situation new plot this year getting turned over tomorrow but the houses at the bottom of my plot have higher soil 4foot to be precise and ive noticed 5 holes the foxe dens im a animal lover so dont want to scare them off and allotment rules state not to purposely do anything to cause them nusance or harm ,i want chickens how can i protect them


  • Michael, they don't call foxes wiley for nothing. If you love animals then I think you will end up heart-broken because sooner or later the foxes will get to your beloved chickens. It's bad enough when the foxes are at the end of your garden - on an allotment you have fewer chances of protecting them. Sorry to sound negative but I've heard so many tales from upset chicken keepers...

    Anyone out there successfully keeping chickens on an allotment?
  • how do i get rid of a wasps nest humanely?
  • Yes your right bees can hear you, my advise to you is watch the Bee Movie. You might make a knew little friend.
  • Just tell them to Buzz Off!!!!!
  • Haha.. I had to laugh so hard at the last comment! Anyways, great programme an greetings from Amsterdam!
  • What a great laugh!

    What l noticed last year on my bay tree were yellow bits on the leaves but l noticed a lot of wasps nibbling at them, l cut them off recently, thats the leaves ha ha, but l'm going to whatch this year to see if they manage to get at the little grubs, thats the wasps ha ha.
  • I have had gardens with wasps nests over the years and I echo the advice to leave them alone and live with them. I tend to think the problem with wasps is the psychological effect of the buzzing - the human brain interprets it as a threat! The only time to be extra careful is towards the end of the summer when they start to die off. Just give them their space. You know they're good for your garden.
  • I have a wasps nest in my shed, in a box I think because I see them coming in and out of it. I want to clean out my shed at some point and wondered if they leave once the wasps have all hatched? and what time of year this would be?
  • Do wasps invade/takeover bees nests. I had bees going in and out of a spot low down behind a pot/shrub and after a couple of days, no bees just wasps going in and out. Have the wasps seen off the bees?
  • I am 'the guardian' of a wasps' nest positioned in the air vent to my bedroom. When I discovered the nest in April, I decided to leave well alone. Wasps fan their wings to keep the nest cool and especially, the queen. The noise they emit is a deep purring sound. The buzzing sound can be threatening and I won't be sorry when they have all flown away.
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