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  • Have been trying to find Rhodochiton PLANTS, not seeds, and wondered if you have any sources -seeing that you are a vine-lover.
  • I live in Wisconsin. Is there any wy to keep Lophospermum alive over the winter?
  • Adlumia Fungosa and Lofos are both great choices as far as patio climbers. Make sure that they are taken care of properly or they can cause permanent damage to your structure. Patio Covers generally require very little work to be maintained but being proactive is worth mentioning to prevent any unnecessary future costs.

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  • If you really in to it you should try the "Japanese barberry" it is a type of shrub but the color and the leaves are very exotic pavers phoenix
  • I like the japanese barberry because it's attractive and quite easy to maintain. Doesn't require much attention compared to other patio climbers.
  • Did you actually experiment with the lantana? How did that go? Which mail order company would you recommend? Thanks, Duncan of
  • Reply to Lily: I think both Suttons Seeds and Dobies sell plug plants by mail order. A Google search will find their web sites, and possibly other suppliers, too.
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