Talkback: Dog urine on lawns

I have a better solution: put your dog on Lawn Guard or Green Ums. Both are dog treats which neutralize your dog's urine. My dog has to urinate repeatedly on a plant over several months to affect it.


  • I have tried both of these and also in the process of trying DogRocks (from PetsAtHome).

    The problem now is what to do about the patches that already exist. Is there a way to bring these back to life?

    Tim Hogkins
  • I solved the problem of patches on the lawn by adding Tomato Jiuce to my bitches food (she had dried food), She liked the Tomato Juice - being a labragor cross she would eat anything - and it solved my problem. I never had another brown ring although I did have the odd lush piece of grass!
  • can you tell me how much tomato juice to use & also what can we do about the brown patches on our lawn it is a new lawn only a month old thankyou
  • I have same problem now having just got a rescue bitch dog,Did the tomato juice work if so how much did you give?
  • re 'tomato juice' to solve the problems of dog urine on grass

    please check internet sites for info - it may not be suitable for all dogs.
  • Dont feed your dog Tomato juice its salt rich and is not just changing your dogs PH balance in the Urine. consult ur VET. u may also be doing more long term damage to your dogs kidneys,I have suffered for 2yr with burnt patches tried Dog rocks/pee sticks, first of dont treat your lawn with feed & weed, as that has slow release nitrogen, the only way to resolve is a bucket of water on the spot asap after the event, trust me save £'s & as regards existing patches buy a roll of Turf and patch them.
  • In reply to the dog wee burning your grass , I put cider vinegar in my dogs water , which not only helps naturally nutralizes the wee it also has many health benefits for the dog as well. Have a look at this website vinegar-for-dogs. It will give all the health benefits and amounts of cider vinegar to use for your dog, hope this is help full xxx
  • My lawn is potholed after years of having 2 bitches pee-ing several times per day.
    Best results I've had is by buying a couple of big bags of cheap compost and riddling it down to a fine tilth.
    Then I mix in a couple of boxes of grass seed (£3.50 out of Wilkinsons)
    and then fill in the holes with the mix. It takes a couple of weeks to seed but the result is terrific.
    Hopefully I can keep on top of the problem with this method
  • The dog spots are caused by the spike in excess nitrogen. They are not caused by an imbalance in the pH, and therefore, gypsum and/or lime will not help. Additionally, altering your pet's diet can be dangerous. The nitrogen in dog's urine comes from breaking down of the protein your dog eats, and you dog needs protein, so, changing the diet is not an answer. Read up on how to REALLY fix the problem at:
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    loving the sound of tomato juice I am growing tomatoes this year and can never get through them but my dog loves them. 1 a day might do it.. Although I dont get yellow patches on my lawn from her urinating on it..
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