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Can anyone please help with tips/advice? (Guildford, Surrey resident).  5 year old "box ball"  (1 of 2) - I have just found a patch of leaves turned copper colour, at the back of the ball which faced the wall.  Googled it, & find it is "box blight".  Have heavily pruned affected area, (it looks like someone has taken a bite out of an apple now!) have removed all fallen leaves, changed the soil, replacing with mixture of topsoil & vermiculite (no compost they say) & sprayed it with a general fungicide.  the 2nd box ball is not infected.  I have thoroughly cleaned all tools & gloves used. Question is: is there anything else I can do to save my plant? 


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    Hi Tads, my box ball in a terracotta pot was completely eaten by box tree moth caterpillars in June. I cut it all of right down to about 2 inches intending to chuck it away, but forgot about it. It now has new growth about 8 inches long, so I think your box will come back in due time. Perhaps you could spray it with a fungicide for good measure.

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