I've read a couple of threads but they seem to be referring to lawns laid from seed.  My lawn was laid in April from turf and I want to know if I should be feeding it yet.  If so, what would be simplest to use.  Lawn is best part of 300 sq metres and reasonable regular in shape. The shape may make a difference to the application method.


  • Yep start feeding, you could probably get away with a high nitrogen but if i was you i would go for a autumn feed now.

    Get yourself a lawn applicator, if you want a nice lawn your going to have to do a regular feed.

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    Thanks Tony,

    Shape does lend itself to a wheeled spreader for the most part so I'll take that route.

  • Yeah what you just need to do is follow the instructions on the pack, basically once you know how many sqm a pack can do you can then divide your garden up to how many packs you need.

    If you keep up a feed program your lawn should stay in good shape.

    Do a summer feed in April and then july, then an autumn feed in october.

    Alot of people don't realise a lawn needs a regular feed to keep it in good health.

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    Blimey, the autumn feed worked well!!

    I applied the feed on the 10th of September and it rained on the 12th so great timing.  As it also rained that weekend I couldn't get the mower out.  Went away the next week for a long weekend and came back to a wonderfully green lawn with about 4" of growth.  Cut it yesterday and almost filled the green waste bin.

    One thing I have learnt is that you do need to be accurate when going up and down the lawn with the feeder.  There were 2 strips where I had missed completely and the grass was little over an inch high.  Also a couple of patches where too much had gone down and the grass has been scorched.  Only small areas so easily fixed.

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