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Monty Don said he had a poor yield of Asparagus this year not what he expected. I also had a very poor yield this year and last year was brilliant either. Prior to that had excellent production from my own seed sown plants that is now ten years old. 

I have covered the bed with horse manure which has reduced the weed growth by nearly 100%. Is it the weather or are the plants coming to the end of their life. 


  • I have had x3 years of bad asparagus decided enough was enough this year and got the best yield ever!!!

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Keeping the bed weed-free is the key I've found. Weeds compete with the roots for nutrition. I also give the older plants a good feed of balanced fertiliser in spring and again in late autumn with a decent top dressing of compost after I've cut back the ferns.

  • There is a clump of asparagus next to the door of our village church (I want to attach a photo but the "insert an image" button doesn't seem to work).   I regard it as "churchwarden's perks" and in the spring whenever I mow the churchyard (about once a week) there are enough spears to provide supper for my wife and me.  (Later in the year it comes in useful for the flower arrangers).   What do we do to produce such bounty?   Absolutely NOTHING.    IT has been there for donkey's years and gets no attention from one year's end to the next.   

    http://C:\Documents and settings\Astral\My Documents\Graphics\Chursh graphics\Church photos\P1050989_1.jpg


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    That's what I remember of my grandfather's asparagus bed David. He did nothing, we got asparagus.Maybe modern varieties aren't as tough

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     This is the photo I could not attach to my last post.

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    Monty's isn't doing very well either as he mentioned in Friday's GW programme, so you're not alone!  Mine grows in a flower border and did OK this year, but I grow them more for the foliage and only take half a dozen or so spears from each plant.  They're about 25-30 years old.

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  • My point Bob was that this specimen is actually doing very well - with no attention at all!

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