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  • My raspberry plant has no fruit on it and some of the leaves are going yellow what could be causing this?
  • i have just got an allotment and would love to grow rasberries any tips on where to buy what variety ?like the sound of the yellow one too
  • oops I've forgotten to prune the summer raspberries. Is it too late to do it now?
  • HELP! my chickens have eaten allthe tops off my autumn bliss one yar old canes, what sould I do??
  • I planted rasberrie canes two years ago and have never had any fruit grow! HELP
  • I have a 2 year old rubus idaeus. It has produced very large fruits most of which are delicious. However about one in 10 has a very unpleasant taste. They are often on the same branch as a tasty one, neither over or under ripe. There is no apparent damage, mould or insects. I dont use any sprays. Any ideas
  • And don't forget yellow raspberries - we think they taste better.
  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Hi. I have planted raspberries, blueberries and blackberries this year - I live in portugal so the seasons are different. I have lots of flowers but no setting fruit. can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  • Hi, I am new to fruit growing.My Autumn fruiting raspberries are throwing out suckers. Will they go on to fruit and can I dig them up to replant them as viable plants?

  • arberarber Posts: 2

    Hi Mandi, I also live in Spain and have planted some raspberries, blackberries etc. My blackberries have large fruit (as do my rasberries) whiteberries/recurrant should fruit in the winter time.

    Although it is hotter here; still use the same method as you would in the UK (seasons etc); you need to water them regularly and make sure they have a little shade during the daytime too.  Mine have sun and shaded time.

    I am fortunate as I have a few flowers that attract bees so maybe that is the secret.  I also feed the plants (even though they are wild in the UK) which seems to help them.

    This is all new to me too, I am usually more of a flower person. So reg. water; once a month feed; sun/shade; and grow something to attract a few bees.  You can't go wrong!

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