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Talkback: Growing raspberries

Funny i think you hav e your metaphores the wrong way round. After all the beatles did all the best stuff and were good at both ends of their career (Summer and autumn rapberries). The rolling stones were exceptionally good at the begining (brittish local) then limped on forever with less and less flavour (Bland imported strawberries.)
Besides what about alternative 60's outfit The velvet underground, being harde to digest at first are they the goosberys of the mustical world?


  • Do I feed my summer fruiting raspberries now as well as Autumn ones?
  • as i have just taken over a gsrden how do i know if the raspberries are summer or autumn fruiting?
  • Summer raspberries are fed and mulched in the autumn too, but the ground is very cold (in some cases frozen) at the moment. I would wait till the cold snap breaks before mulching, otherwise the mulch will act as an insulator, locking in all that cold.
    Regarding the difference between the two: I found that autumn rasberries tend to have prickly spines at the base of the plant.
    Yellow rasberries taste very similar to me but are psychologically upsetting!
  • I planted new autumn fruiting raspberries towards the end of last year. The canes are about 25cm tall and one of them has a new shoot half way up the cane. Should I be cutting them down to ground level now ?
  • if you are building a compost container out of pallets, do you put a pallet down as a base or just use the soil?
  • can you grow raspberries in pots as I do not have a graden
  • This may be a very silly question but, I'm a novice and need to learn somehow!

    I've bought some Glen Prosen raspberry canes from the garden centre. The canes are in groups of 5 - do I need to separate them out and plant them one by one?

  • My autumn fruiting raspberries have curled and deformed leaves which seem to contain an insect.What is this and can I treat it?
  • Raspberry canes should indeed be separated out and planted individually. Should have been done during the winter, so get them in quick and mulch and water them well.
  • I planted some autumn bliss raspberries in spring last year which produced flowers but not fruit. I presumed this was because it was their 1st season. However, I pruned in February and the plants are thriving with loads of flowers, but no fruits are setting. The flowers are just dying off. Can you tell me what's going wrong please?
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