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Talkback: Apple trees: 'Cox's Orange Pippin'

I've just eaten my first own grown cox's apple and it was the best apple i've ever eaten, hoping for many more this year.


  • Could we have advice on runing this Cox's Orange Pippins and also how to deal with the white clusters which invade our tree?
  • My Cox's Orange never fails to produce quality and quantity year on year. I winter wash in frost free conditions in January or February and mulch with garden compost in early Spring.I apply a grease band after the winter wash process. My tree only requires light pruning which is done Sept/Oct, the other important thing is to water well in dry periods
  • Leicestershire: The white clusters are probably wooly aphids than can be rubbed off or, if you are a bit squeamish, blasted with a jet of water from the hose.
  • we had lots of apples on our trees last year but not many this year. did i prune it too hard?
  • might i have pruned mymapple tree too much as not many buds have formed this year.
  • I have included this blog post to my book marks
  • .. and of course, some thanks must go to the bee? A super apple, I saw many Cox cultivars when visiting Brogdale many years ago, some bright red.
  • Im thinking of pruning my apple tree now but still not quite sure how much any help out there.lpasso

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    There are videos on apple tree pruning on YouTube and of course RHS books if you prefer a manual.

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