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I have an abundance of tumbelina tomatoes growing outside, but very few are turning red.  We seem to have had plenty of sun and warmth this year, they are fed regulary but are not ripening.  Both my neighbours are the same, and people at work are also having the same problem.  We are in Derbyshire.  Can anyone enlighten me, the year before last I had a bumper crop.


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    I'm in Derbyshire too Lesa and the tomatoes that I planted outside are still green while the ones that I started off in the greenhouse and then moved outside due to lack of space are red. Maybe something to do with that long, cold start to the summer.

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,863

    If they're ready to ripen stop feeding them - they don't need to grow any more they need to concentrate on ripening.image

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  • So many people this year having trouble with their tomatoes not ripening, mine included. Its got to be a weather thing and lack of heat at the optimal times. I'm hanging in there with mine for a bit longer, although I've today gone out and taken off any trusses with really small immature fruit so it can concentrate on ripening (hopefully) and not growing. I was advised on here other day that if thst they still haven't ripened when the temp drops to the low teens daily to just bring them inside to finish off. Good Luck Lesa

  • LESALESA Posts: 3

    Thanks for the advice, will leave them out there for a while longer, and stop feeding them (didnt know about that), but some are really quite small while other seemed to have plumped up nicely.  I cut many of the leave and small trusses yesterday so hopefully that will also help (good old gardener's worldimage.  The weather was supposed to be good today (Sunday), but her in Derbyshire it's overcast and was trying to rain earlier, lets hope for a better day tomorrow.

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