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Talkback: Greenhouse cleaning

i cleaned my greenhouse last sunday and i felt absolutely ecstatic. it sparkled and shined and smelled heavenly after a good blitz with jeyes fluid and a good rinse with clean water. my great big high soon turned into a great big low when my family grumbled at me "wheres the dinner then"?
wwhoooops, i forgot about the time, everything and everyone,so i had to bribe them with a take-a-way and the sunday dinner became monday tea. my passion for the garden doesnt seem to appeal to my familys hungry tummys at this time of year.


  • I cant agree more with your correspondents, I can toil away all day in the garden and greenhouse, never feeling hungry!However, the rest of the family will insist on wanting food! If anyone wants to lose weight - just get addicted to gardening!!
  • l've yet to have a go in my mini greenhouse but l've promised myself tomorrow is the day, the outer covering is only platic but it's heavey duty so it should not take too long. l'd rather be out in the garden too!
  • they say, 'Great minds think alike', glad you're all as easily persuaded by the lure of algae-encrusted glass and compost, it has GOT to be the way forward...after all it does all end up contributing to the meals for those omni-present rumbling tums!!
  • l have done my mini greenhouuse out plus washed everything in sight, had a great time.
    l'm going to have a go at growing potatoes in one of those plastic bags you can get for the job, let you know how l get on.
  • managed to get out in my greenhouse at the weekend and cleaned up the overwintering fushias and streptocarpus.
    Got rid of the fallen leaves and debris and put down some woodlice killer as there appears to be quite a lot.removed trellis and clematis from the front of the greenhouse to allow more light and gain a bit more vegetable plot for a row of early potatoes.
  • Help. I cleaned out my greenhouse only to have my Parasene Heater emit black oily smoke all over everything! I have been careful with keeping the wick in good condition and filled with fuel. Any advice on why this happed? Thanks
  • well that's another job done the greenhouse is sparkling clean and iv enjoyed every minute of it .planted garlic to in pots, got the broad beans off to good start there in bags in compost on the kitchen windowsill the potatoes are chitin away ,and i cant wait to get planting happy gardening every one
  • i am having real problems getting my parasene heater 10 (red) to work without smoking ...i had the para 4 but this got damaged so i bought a new one... really struggling with this! any ideas ? also need to clean all my glass in my new greenhouse because of the smoke!
  • I have had botrytis on my tomato plants this year in the greenhouse. Should I clean it with anything in particular before over wintering other plants in it?
  • I find the lure of the compost is always greater than that of the vacuum cleaner and duster!!
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