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I took over an allotment plot this year with a lot of raspberries canes, can any body give me advice on how to prune them for next years summer crop.

many thanks 




  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Did the canes produce fruit this summer or do they look as if there are fruits on the way now? There are two types of rasps - summer fruiting and autumn fruiting.  They are pruned  differently.

  • I took over my plot later in the year and picked raspberries in November! My advice is to leave them until then and see if you have any flowers/fruit in the meantime.

    Summer fruiting canes in need of pruning are usually brown stemmmed and the leaves are yellow. There may be some dried fruit if the plot has been neglected. If the leaves are a bright green and the stem is not brown that will next years growth for summer fruiting, so leave alone.

    Autumn fruiting are usually pruned in spring.


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